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Hello. We are YokmoK.

Making dreams of adventure and world’s exploration come true since 2006.

We provide quality travel to small groups - open and private - under the same rules of careful planning, detailed logistics, high-end accommodations, rigorous security measures, native and local guides, personalized service and impeccable execution.

All for the sake of the unwavering guarantee of total satisfaction by our distinguished clients.

That is the way we are in Yokmok: original, versatile, spontaneous and professional. Endorsed by the extensive experience of our staff and the premises of demand, safety, qualification and quality.

Thank you for all the wonderful moments that we have shared together. It will be difficult to forget this trip. We will keep in touch.

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Untamed mountains: in the domain of Annapurna

Located in the heart of the Himalayas is the amazing massif of Annapurna (“goddess of the harvest/abundance” in Sanskrit), an orographic complex 55 km long in Nepalese territory, delimited by the Pokhara valley (south), the Marshyangdi river (north, east) and Kali Gandaki canyon (west), with its 8,200 ft / 2,500 m depth stands as the deepest in the world [...]


This happened on May 29, but in 1953, 64 years ago... It was the second and final intention of the expedition led by John Hunt, Baron of Llanfair Waterdine. Failed the first tandem assault three days before just 100 m from the summit, this time the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay crowned for the first time the summit limestone mountain [...]


Not all of us are the same physiologically and do not have the same organic requirements, age, sex, physical condition, training level (ie, fitness) or goals. There are no magic formulas. Health is first. Nor do you have to go hungry or try too hard. However, one could glimpse the standard that should be presented by the adult “hiker type”, of stable health and fitness appropriate [...]